Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Codebreaker v10 Non Patched Download Here This version is to run directly from dvd.its a rar file.unrar and you will get an iso file then burn it to dvd and enjoy!
Codebreaker v9.2 Patched Download Here

Hello Everyone! Here I'm Providing You PlayStation 2 Code-breaker For Free.Which Is Used For Cheats.It Has All Ps2 Cheats.
Requirements : A PS2 With Free Mcboot installed.if you dont have Free McBoot Then See This Guide.
Installation Guide:-

There Are Two Options To Run This:
1: From Usb Flash Drive
2: From Your Memory Card

I Recommend Usb Flash Drive Method.
If someone wants to run from memory card then mail me at mahboobrehman2000@gmail.com or need any kind of help about iphone or ps2 or psp

Steps To Run Code Breaker
First Of All You Need To Download Codebreaker Non Patched.
Then Copy codebreaker.elf File to your usb flash drive
Plug in Usb in ps2 and power on.go to ulaunch elf and open the dvd tray of ps2.
now go to Mass And Open codebreaker.elf
after 5 seconds screen will flicker and then remove the usb flash drive and close the dvd tray.
after two seconds you will see the codebreaker main menu.select your game from the list.enable cheats and put your game dvd in ps2 and start! tada! its so simple.